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Our Most Famous Guys


The story goes back to the time when the natives of the Caribbean elaborated a food based on corn which was to grind the grains of corn with stones to form a paste or mass to allow them to make a kind of bread (sandwich) with a circular form with such firmness that would allow them to cook on a hot Thin stone. After a few minutes of cooking, the corn bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside ready to accompany it with any filler.


In 1960 the Venezuelan industry pioneered the development of precooked cornmeal especially created for making arepas throughout Venezuelan territory. Today, most Venezuelan households begin their daily activities with a rich and soft, hot breakfast arepas stuffed with a variety of fresh ingredients as meat, chicken, pork, cheese, eggs, and ham prepared with great care by mothers and grandmothers of various Venezuelan families.


At home our mother and grandmother taught me and my brothers with love and patience how to prepare arepas and different types of fillers, these family activities are etched in our minds and hearts, for that reason today we want to acknowledge those women who were taught with great love the art of cooking, to them our most sincere thanks and honor.




Founded in 2015 Cylantro's is the result of our family's dream to bring the traditional flavors of Venezuela to the city of Canton, GA. In an effort to express the indescribable flavors of our hometown we mastered some of the most representative dishes from our culture. It all started with Arepas, Empanadas and Tequeños, accompanied with our signature Cylantro's Sauce. The positive response from our community and the demand of new flavors inspired us to create more options and expand our menu.

"Food from the heart" is our philosophy. With two locations and a meticulously tailored menu that now features Patacones and Cachapas, Cylantro's plans to expand and bring it's authentic experience to more towns in Georgia.

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