About us

Cylantros Woodstock

CYLANTRO'S a special place founded on December 7, 2015, the city of Canton Georgia saw us born in a small space inside a gas station, where with all the impetu of the world we began to offer what we love the most and for us as a Venezolanan family represents both our arepas and Venezuelan empanadas, an indescribable flavor in each of them, accompanied by the best sauce of the house and the one that can trigger a taste of flavor never experienced, our Cilantro sauce.

Each new visit confirmed that we should continue to promote our dream and the joy of sharing each of our dishes, we gradually began to include new options and our menu became even bigger so that each of our customers can enjoy more delicious flavors , Within these new dishes were included the Patacon, the Cachapa, the tequeños among others.

Thanks to this invaluable support, we soon opened our new place located at 9595 Main St Woodstock GA 30188, this new store allows us to provide a more familiar and comfortable space where you and your family can taste each of our arepas and dishes Venezuelans, also thinking that you like the options, we offer the best and most delicious Mexican food, you can taste one of the best burritos in all of Georgia, or you can also get a delicious taco, but surely we can dare to recommend you Any of our fajitas options (Steak, Chicken or Shrimp), accompanied with the sauces of the house.

Today we can say with certainty that Cylantros was born from our heart, to satisfy every one of your needs, and for that we extend our invitation, so that today you can add to enjoy in each of our dishes a new world of flavors.